I'm looking for a free web application where multiple user can collaboratively schedule posts for a Facebook page.

What I'd like is using something similar to google sheets for collaboratively schedule the posts using a format similar to the one of the CSV used by Postcron for bulk upload (see the video here).

Unfortunately, in Postcron one have to upload the CSV from time to time, instead of providing just a link to the google sheet and keep updating just that.

Basically the workflow should be:

  • multiple users should add, edit, remove posts easily (we will e.g. create drafts and expand them later)
  • when the date and time scheduled for each post is reached, it should be automatically published to Facebook

Any suggestion is welcome.

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    Ops. I flagged my question for migration to softwarerecs. I apologise. – etuardu Jun 29 '17 at 21:43

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