I want a simple task timer or stopwatch that I can pause and restart. I would like it to look decent, minimal and be able to run "always on top" of other windows. Ideally, no chrome (windows close button, minimize, border, etc).


Topic looks a little bit outdated but XNote Stopwatch is ideally what the op was looking for. Hope that helps anyone else.

XNote Stopwatch "always on top"

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Countdown Timer by Comfort Software Group works for me.

It has both timer and stopwatch functions, pause/reset options, can always stay on top of other windows.

I'm not sure what 'look decent' means for you - its UI is simple, with no nice design and whatnot, but it can be minimized to show only time left/passed.

Also, it's a free download, if that helps. :)

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really like r timer for the minimal interface

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  • Welcome Denny! Please add a screenshot, and indicate how it meets the OP's requirements. Also, if you can include a link to the developer's site, that will be appreciated. Thanks! – RockPaperLizard Jan 7 at 9:06

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