I want to create a simple game using 3d graphics, and I'm looking for a rendering tool. My game will only use meshes that are created dynamically - they can morph, change number of vertices, and disappear entirely. Most tools seem like they are designed to use models that don't change in the way I need them to, particularly changing the number of vertices in the mesh. The other issue is that most renderers (e.g. Java3D and OpenGL) are much more powerful, and thus more complicated, than I need.

I found a tool from NYU and sj3d, which are almost exactly what I need, except that they only work for meshes that lie entirely in front of the camera, as far as I can tell.

I would prefer a tool that runs in Java, but tools in other languages would also be very much appreciated. Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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I suggest you look into Khronos group's glTF 2.0 - might get you the speed and fluidity you need, but in fact not minus the overall power and toolset.


From the resources and examples section of the Khronos page whose link I posted above, I find redcube js - a javascript library for rendering webgl. RedCube is a minimalistic viewer used Khronos glTF 1.0 format.


There are also a slew of other resources aggregated on that page for coders - I personally am not a coder - I'm a 3D generalist.

  • Could you please explain more how Maximus could use it, for instance with Java?
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Mar 1, 2018 at 8:17

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