The idea is similar to the social networking site Wakoopa, which was a software usage tracking tool for the desktop but has since been closed. ManicTime is another time tracking software for desktop, which is less social-oriented, but more detailed.

What I'm looking for is a mobile app (iOS and/or Android) that runs in the background, monitoring the application usage on my mobile phone.

For Android, here is a related question, but I'm not interested in tracking clicks or key strokes.

Key features

  • Log the foreground app usage. For instance, it logs that I have used Snapchat in foreground from 14:00:00 to 14:07:12, Chrome browser from 14:07:43 - 14:12:42 etc.
  • Generate basic reports for time used by each application, which can be accessible either from cloud or local files (.xml, .csv, .db, etc.)

Extra features I can think of

  • Log background applications as well (time started, time terminated, etc.)
  • Generate detailed reports per application, per day, etc.
  • Provide web user interface to access data in the cloud
  • Social (like Wakoopa)
  • Reasonable price

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Rescue time meets the following requirements:

  • Logs foreground app usage (and also time spent on websites).
  • Generates detailed reports by app, time period etc.
  • Data can be accessed on the web (via your account) as well as on your phone.
  • There is a premium version but all the above features are free.
  • On mobile it runs only on Android, np iOS unfortunately.
    – ruslaniv
    Feb 5, 2017 at 12:50

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