My workflow: During the day I neet to write down some short disposable notes. Requirements:

  • With an hotkey open a textedit area (plain or markdown even better)
  • No need to create new files one single long textfile is enough
  • No need to "save with name", the archive can be inside the app.

The app must run on MacOS.


I think I found something that covers my requirements: Unclutter.

It has some functionalities that I don't need, but it's a nice scrapbook app.


I would suggest you use the Note app that comes with the system. This app appears in the doc so is always one click away. I use the app frequently. I open a new note page then minimize the app. Whenever I need to make a note I click the app in the doc and it appears with my page visible. You can also select a word or phrase, right click it, and do an internet search on it.

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    I know, all the apps I know can have the same behavior but what I'm looking for is slightly different (see my answer) Jun 8 '17 at 5:55

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