I really like the Preview.app of macOS. However, when it comes to annotating documents, its functionality is rather limited. Of course Adobe Acrobat is the obvious alternative, however, I try to avoid products from that company. The following functions would be nice:

  • runs on macOS
  • highlighting
  • replace (strikethrough) text
  • add text
  • add annotation boxes

As a free (but obviously limited) option, John already mentioned Skim which is a nice application. But you can also have a look at Foxit Reader which I think also does what you need it for.

But since you weren't looking directly at free, and the reason against Acrobat was not about money, you may want to try PDFPen which is a more powerful (than the aforementioned free solutions, and more similar to Acrobat) PDF Editor. It costs $75 but has a free trial.


There is a free pdf reader called Skim. I think it does all the things you listed but I can't guarantee that. It is free though so worth a try.

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