I need to write a script that adds some A records to DNS server dynamically to mimic a real DNS zone. My questions are what DNS server to choose, bind9 dnsmasq and how to add A records to those servers?

  • For the howto part you've picked the wrong SE site. Bind supports this, as IMHO does Unbound. So if we shall recommend you a DNS server, we'd need a few more details on your requirements: What OS should it run on? What specific features do you need? Is there a price limit if it comes to paid solutions? – Izzy May 31 '17 at 12:28
  • If you don't have much invested in BIND already I'd look at PowerDNS or this. – chicks May 31 '17 at 13:03

I choose to use dnsmasq and add address=/hostname/ip to it's configuration remotely.


Happy bind9 on Debian user here.

To drag this closer to on-topic if you want to update/manage DNS for a single domain just using the zone files is fine. If you will end up managing several and you aren't a real *nix admin then I'd look at setting up a management interface. As far as those go, ISPConfig is good and the how-tos on setup/configuration/etc. that are on howtoforge (all written by the same team) go very well wtih it.

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