I want to show pictures on a videoprojector (in full screen via extended screen) while i continue to work on the main screen.

Integrated photo viewer of Windows can show pictures fullscreen on the second screen (with Windows+Shift+Right arrow) but the problem is in this mode, the main screen become black and you cannot continue to work in another program.

So i search a photo viewer with these 2 functions:

  • allow full screen projection on a second screen while the main screen remain available
  • This program must capture specific keys at system-wide level (example Ctrl+Alt+F5) to show the next /previous picture/close viewer, permitting to continue working on other program on the main screen

Do you know such a program ?

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Finnaly, i've found a solution that works. I use XNView (but others can do the job) that have a good full screen mode.

Plus, i use HotKeyP (https://sourceforge.net/projects/hotkeyp/) that permit to map a particular keystroke to send an action to another window from anywhere.

For example, to ask to xnview to go to the next photo, you can set this action: enter image description here

Here, 43 is the command number to send. For previous photo, 44. For closing XNView it's 28.

HotKeyP is packaged with an handful tool called spy.exe to snif actions in all window.

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