I make lots of quick gifs but I cannot annotate them that well. The program needs to do following:

  1. Hold Rightclick (or some modifiers + rightclick) on mouse
  2. Draw Strokes
  3. Strokes stay on screen until right → context menu → remove strokes

There's a program based in Lua that does this called StrokePlus. Another called pointerfocus as well





The only problem here is that I want the strokes to stay on the screen until I tell it to be removed offExample

This would massively simplify and allow me to make faster, concise, annotated gifs

I know Lua has all the capabilities to overlay a GUI based program for this in windows based OS

Would anyone know what programs I could use here? I'm not looking for something like techsmith snagit or camtasia studio, it literally just needs to be stroke marks on a screen

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i found it


its called epic pen

it lets you do things like this: enter image description here


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