A camera is connected to this TV to PC adapter. It's USB output is connected to the laptop. I have to acquire images from the video continuously and process them further. I have tried using Image Acquisition toolbox of MATLAB and OpenCV in Python but I have been unable to finish the task. Some research told me that this is because my computer is recognising the overall system not as a camera but as a video controller.

Any software or language which accomplishes the task will be okay for me. Please add links to documentation if you can.

I would prefer if it's on Windows. Interfacing with either python or MATLAB would work, though I will prefer MATLAB. There is no price limit as such.

Edit: I was able to solve this by using the DVdriver software mentioned in the link I have shared in the answer. Other methods that you may suggest are welcome!


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The method suggested by this SO post worked for me:

I used a trial version of DVdrive software to fool my OS into believing that the connected TV to PC adapter is a webcam and then I was able to access the device both from Python as well as MATLAB through OpenCV and Image Acquisition toolbox respectively.

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