I want to be able to build a dynamic online form, where user gets asked multiple questions or sets of questions and depending on their answers, they get asked other questions. Basically a tree of forms so to speak.

Is there anything like this out there?


  1. Enter your first name:

  2. Enter date of birth.

    if(dob) < 18 continue process A.

    if(dob) > 18 continue process B.


  • So it has to be open source and has to be in PHP, correct?
    – unor
    May 20, 2017 at 17:41

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This question is quite complex because It is not clear if you are going to actually process this forms (like receiving the answers in a database) or you just want to receive the answers in your email.

In the last case, you can use google forms, "Show questions based on answers":


If you are going to process the form you need to find a Script to do this for you.

Try this terms conditional form based on answers JavaScript


There can be some variants, like using Ajax or using Jquery, but you also need to set up a database and some server-side files to process it.

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