I am looking for a lightweight (< 500 SLOC) random generator that's suitable for cryptography. This needs to be C code that I can include in the SlipRock library (which I am developing). Currently I use libsodium but it seems a shame to pull in such a (relatively) massive dependency, and conversations with potential users indicate that they would not want such a large dependency. I am looking for something that I can include in my project.

At the same time, I don't want to write something myself. This is crypto code, and so the usual “don't roll your own crypto” maxim applies. Right now I am just planning to take some code from libsodium, but I would rather use a standalone library.


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libsodium's default implementation fits in a single, (currently) 371 lines of C code.

See the randombytes/sysrandom/randombytes_sysrandom.c file.


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