I'm looking for a professional-looking font to use in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets that allows me to easily distinguish between a lowercase l and an uppercase I at a glance.

Every font I've tried either makes makes the two characters look near-identical (Arial, Calibri, Cambria), doesn't look professional (Comic Sans, Courier), or isn't easy to read in a spreadsheet (Times New Roman).

Comparison of fonts

Are there any good fonts that meet these requirements?


I think the font Verdana would be best.

It is a very professional looking font, at least in my opinion, and is completely distinguishable between the simmilar-looking characters.

It is available in both Google Sheets and Windows.

enter image description here

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  • Demonstrating the 1 character is also distinct is a great idea. I'm tempted to amend my question to include that point. – Stevoisiak May 14 '17 at 19:46


Cambria comparison

Cambria is a widely accepted professional font has been a Standard Windows Font since Vista, is bundled alongside Microsoft Office for Mac since 2007, and is part of the default font list in Google Docs.

While the the l and I characters are fairly similar, they should be distinct enough that you can tell the difference after using it for long enough.

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