In short, I have an offline desktop at home that I would like to use as a "dongle" for certain services. This desktop runs Debian Linux and does not have Chrome or Chromium. (It's offline! So I figure why bother?)

I've seen this question, but obviously WinAuth and Authy. Basically I'm looking for something like FreeOTP or Google Authenticator but that runs on Linux. Ideally it would be open-source, lightweight, and able to run in a terminal.

I am not trying to enable two factor authentication on the desktop; I'm trying to use it as the "physical thing I have" part of the TFA process.

EDIT: Also, I know that I can run

import pyotp
totp = pyotp.TOTP("BASE32SECRET3232")

in Python to get the timed code, but I'm trying to avoid rolling my own OTP program if I can help it (since I'm sure there are nuances that I would miss)

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