I'm looking for an application that:

  • Is gratis
  • Is open-source
  • Works on Linux
  • Uses GTK+
  • Uses metric units
  • Can import .GPX files
  • Shows OpenStreetMap
  • Shows my track
  • Shows a dot on the start and end of each segment
  • Shows my minimum speed
  • Shows my average speed
  • Shows my maximum speed
  • Shows the duration
  • Shows the distance
  • Shows a graph with my speed
  • Can zoom
  • Can drag

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I think this one meets all or at least allmost all of your criterias:


  • gratis
  • open source
  • linux
  • gtk+
  • metric
  • import gpx
  • show osm
  • show track
  • shows dots
  • show statistics / speed / time etc.
  • zoom and drag

It can even do more:

  • elevation graph
  • Bing aerial map
  • ...

Install via

sudo apt-get install viking
  • OSM doesn't work at my machine, because it fails to download tile. I also can't figure out how I can view the statistics.
    – wb9688
    May 18, 2017 at 13:56

You might want to have a look at GpsMaster (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/GpsMaster). It appears to tick all your requirements apart from the GTK+ one (it's written in Java FWIW).

I've found it to be quite a useful utility for viewing GPX tracks and waypoints. The only shortcoming is that I can't see how to get it to display Imperial units (YMMV).

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