User Story:

  • We need a mobile application for Android to manage products. We need it for uploading photos and a few data fields. Report printing with photos is also wanted. Finally, the application should store the data on its server.

Basic Features:

  • Extra Fields Customization
  • Inventory Item with Photos
  • Secure storage on the cloud
  • Report generation with Photo
  • One Photo Per Item

My Budget:

  • Free to 100$US

How Many Items:

  • Many (100 Items / Day)

Number of Kinds of Items:

  • One
  • If you could add a little "user story" (i.e. what you intend to do with it), it might help to give better recommendations. From what you've currently put, even Flickr might be a match ;) – Izzy May 19 '14 at 5:38
  • What is your budget? Are you OK with advertisement? How many items? How many kinds of item? One photo per kind of item, right, not one photo per item? – Nicolas Raoul May 19 '14 at 6:42

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