We know there are some solutions for rendering LaTeX mathematical content on the web, for example MathJax. Is there a similar way (Open source library because I need to use it in an application) to create plot for mathematical formula which is written as LaTeX? For example 3D plots of ƒ(x,y) versus x,y.


  1. It must be accessable by localhost (so self hosting must be possible)
  2. Pure JavaScript
  3. Understand mathematical formula which are written in LaTeX syntax (for example it must understand x=\cos u+\frac{1}{2} is x = cos(u) + ½)


  1. Symbolic computations (for example solve \int \sin{x^2}+\sqrt{x} dx) which helps to plot functions that are defined by integral, ... .

Note: I do not mean graph-theory graphs.

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