Here's a really useful piece of software I found: https://sketchboard.me (This is not an "alternative" question. I thought it might be helpful to use this webapp as an example of the feature set I'm after, which I've defined independently and specifically below.)

Unfortunately, it's only available as a webapp.

I'm looking for something similar that can be downloaded as a program and used offline.

Should save files to disk (i.e. locally and not online.)

Feature requirements:

  • Infinite (at least near enough) panning canvas
  • Draw freeform lines
  • Type text boxes
  • Put in images

What would be great:

  • Balsamiq-esque wireframes of common tools that can be dragged into positions.
  • Colors.
  • Arrow tools.
  • Zoomable canvas

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How about draw.io?

  • Can be downloaded and used offline as an installed- or as a portable program, or can be used online without an account and with saving files locally.
  • Canvas automatically expands
  • You can draw freehand lines
  • You can import images
  • Has a huge catalogue of shapes and support of custom shapes
  • Colors (Fill, Line, Text, Gradients, ...)
  • Customizable arrows between all objects
  • Zoomable Canvas
  • Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

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