I am currently working on a website, that aims at showcasing photography products of a certain brand, and with the following features:

  • General listings of products per categories (cameras, lenses, accessories...)
  • Advanced search (similar to Amazon and most e-commerce website, to target for instance wide-angle lenses, zooms, ultra-zooms...)
  • A dedicated page for each product (showing pictures, links to reviews, tech specs, description, user reviews...)
  • If possible a comparison functionality, to compare several products based on tech specs

I could develop such website from scratch, but it's a huge investment in time. I would like to know if there are existing CMS that allow this kind of website?


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The CMS, Drupal, uses many modules to provide those types of capabilities. One that I’ve used for paid digital downloads is Ubercart. Ubercart provides many features including:

Current Features:

  • Configurable product catalog includes catalog pages and a block to display product categories.
  • Flexible product creation system with product classes.
  • Multiple product image support out of the box.
  • Flexible product attributes system
  • Basic product stock level tracking and notification.
  • Product features to add file downloads, role promotions, and more to products.
  • Single page checkout.
  • Automatic account generation (anonymous checkout).
  • Customer and administrator checkout notifications.
  • Simple order processing (with workflow for automated order processing).
  • Simple order creation and editing.
  • Integrated payment system that acts as a bridge between acceptable payment methods (check, credit card, purchase order, etc.) and payment gateways (CyberSource, Authorize.net, PayPal, etc.).
  • Shipping quotes and fulfillment, including integration with UPS, FedEx, USPS.
  • Sales, product, and customer reports.
  • Activity logging.

And, for those features that may be lacking, you can easily add your own code, or, create views of the requested data.

  • Thanks rrirower! It looks like it answers my need :) Jul 12, 2017 at 15:45

Many e-commerce plugins or extensions in WordPress, Joomla and other content management systems include the required features:

✅️ product listings
✅️ categories
✅️ advanced search and filtering
✅️ product detail page
✅️ product comparison

and these can usually be set to catalogue mode if you don't need all the e-commerce features.

A solution that allows you to add product custom fields may help if there are many product features you want website visitors to compare.

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