I started my "dual-Macs" lifestyle, currently I need to stick only with one Mac to get my work done because all my files are in that Mac.

I wanted to sync all files automatically from my primary Mac to secondary Mac.

Can anyone recommend me an application that supports this feature? Thanks!


I have the same setup: two Macs that I want synched. I can totally recommend the free BitTorrent Sync. It allows you to select (multiple) folders to be synched. For each folder you get a secret key. When you enter that key on the other Computer the folders will synch.

It's a bit like Dropbox but with some major advantages:

  • The file transfers are encrypted (with that secret key)
  • There is no server. Synching happens when both Computers are online
  • You can setup the sync to only happen locally over your LAN (not over the internet)
  • It is amazingly fast. Small files are synched 'instantly'
  • You can sync multiple folders
  • Folder size is only limited by your hard disk capacity

For example I have have setup BitTorrent Sync to sync my Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders.

Also, BitTorrent Sync is not limited to 2 Macs. You can sync between several devices. There's even an iPhone App.

Possible drawbacks exists, though:

  • BitTorrent Sync is still in Beta
  • There is no server, so your Computers must both be online to sync
  • There is no history like in Dropbox. When you delete a file it is gone on both devices. (Unless you have TimeMachine)
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  • When you delete a file in BitTorrent Sync it's not really gone ... it keeps a 30 day history of deleted or modified files in the hidden archive folder in the root directory of the syncing folder (.sync/Archive ). So if you delete or change a file on one computer, the OTHER computer will archive the file into the archive folder. – user13045 Mar 13 '15 at 16:01

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