I am looking for a code snippet manager (or, more generally, a text snippet manager) that stores all of its data locally (i.e. not cloud-based).

It should be possible to organize code snippets by language/framework/technology (i.e. at least one "hard" level of categorization); anything beyond should be well usable for larger collections of code snippets (maybe by further hierarchical grouping, maybe by user-defined tags, ...). Code snippets must not be limited in length. Syntax-highlighting is a plus, but not absolutely necessary.

The application must run on Windows (although Windows/Linux cross-platform capabilities are a bonus), be gratis and open source, and usable with a GUI (i.e. not a purely text-based interface).

I am not looking for a code editor that also includes a code snippet manager. I am looking for a central tool to store snippets for use in other editors and IDEs.

  • If you're doing this "manually" (copy/pasting snippet, assigning tag/category), then Treeline might work for you (from a Q&A on hierarchical data storage). FWIW. – Dɑvïd Dec 29 '17 at 22:37

You can try BoostNote, which has organizer of snippets. Maybe it dont have categories, but it has "tags" to mark notes with names of smth. It is free.


To me, this sounds like a classic case for a Clibpboard manager. I have been using Ditto for years, and would normally recommend it.

But, given that you want to sort snippets by language, I would recommend something more hierarchical. Take a look at the free PhaseExpress

PhaseExpress is a very full-featured clipboard managing utility. It has a tree-style folder structure for managing all sorts of folders. It came with some preset categories, but you can add and remove any to customize it to your own liking.

This isn’t just a basic clipboard manager, but a text manager and autocompleter. You can use it to store any used phrases that you’d ever want to reuse or that you commonly use.

And it has a lot more features thanj just that quote.

enter image description here

Generally, most Windows programs run well in Linux using Wine, but I wouldn't be too sure when it comes to the clipboard. Please let us know how it works out for you. It could help others to know.


I recomend Snippman from Coderlamp

(I’m the author of Snippman) Snippman was created when i needed to store my code notes in an organized way for my new job.

It let’s you create code snippets, rich text notes (with images, links, embedded youtube videos etc) and you can also mix code blocks with text blocks.

Your snippets are organized in folders and you can find them easily by search.

It runs locally and no internet connection is needed.

enter image description here


There is SnipAssist at SnipAssist.com that organizes and stores text snippets on a local disk independent of any editor or IDE. The clipboard is used to transfer text into or out of the snip library. Hot keys are not used and the library is portable. Each folder can have a description and the snippet can have a description. Descriptions and content can be searched.

The free version will handle several hundred snippets of any size. There is a premium version for sale with extra features for larger snippet libraries.


I recommend Molimentum Quick (disclaimer: I'm the founder). It's available for Windows and Ubuntu. IT'S FREE! You can insert code snippets with ease with some shortcuts (check out the "smart insert" feature in docs).

You can then click a shortcut, search, and it's copied to the clipboard. It supports syntax highlighting and because of the versatile design, it works in every editor.

The software stores everything locally and encrypts it too. It can in addition to code, store text, launch scripts and URLs, and group items together.

It has a tag feature and a filter function to organize your snippets.

enter image description here

  • Is your code on github or some equivalent? As it stands, if I can't get to your website with an ad-blocker, I'm not going. – Diagon Apr 23 at 20:21

For that purpose I use a text substitution tool called Beeftext

You can invoke it when you want and paste the desired snippet.

  • Portable
  • Open-source
  • Free
  • Keyboard shortcut

enter image description here

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