Let me start with a little bit of backstory:

My RPG-group decided to play GURPS Lite. Since we are from Germany we decided to play the German version, which only is the third edition of GURPS. Sadly it is the only one available in German and not all of my players are fluent enough in English to read the rulebooks.

So I looked around for a software to manage the characters but only found some for GURPS, fourth edition. The rules changed in essential places for characters so I can't use it.


  1. Managing several characters for GURPS 3
  2. Managing skills
  3. Managing attributes
  4. Managing advantages/disadvantages


  1. Managing character points
  2. Managing posessions
  3. Managing connections to NPCs

Could be in English or German.

Should be available for Linux or Windows. Can also be a web app.

My budget would be about 30$.

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