Is there any free HDD Regenerator alternative for Linux?

If possible, one that can be boot using USB Flashdisk

I need it to repair possible magnetic errors on my old laptop (it doesn't have any floppy or cd-drive)

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I can not think of a situation where it's not preferred to actually clone the drive to an error free drive using for example ddrescue or HDDSuperClone rather than make potentially harmful in place repairs.

Anyway, FWIW SpinRite 6.1 may do what you want (www.grc.com), even though it's a (Free)DOS tool you can create a bootable flash drive from Linux (or use a different Windows PC to create the drive).

Since it's a DOS tool you should check if your BIOS supports booting DOS (BIOS or UEFI with some form of BIOS simulation is required).

  • yeah ended up with fsck -fccky and move all files elsewhere
    – Kokizzu
    Commented Apr 11 at 14:38

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