I have a large collection of photos, all stored on my NAS (which works as a SMB/CIFS server). I would like to view these on my Android tablet.

So looking for an app with:

  • can connect to a Samba/CIFS server
  • interface for browsing, ie selecting a folder from a list, then viewing thumbnails for photos
  • slideshow mode, to automatically change from one photo to the next
  • caching/pre-loading the next few photos, to reduce loading time. It should not have a blank screen between photos.
  • preferably free, but willing to pay a few £ for a good app

would also be nice to have:

  • some way of viewing photo metadata, eg EXIF, IPTC, XMP
  • searching/browsing based on XMP tags
  • playback of videos
  • browsing and viewing photos from other sources, eg Flickr or Dropbox

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