I need to add data visual components such as charts and gauges to my visual studio project. I'm looking to either create them from myself or add an open-source extensions to use already implemented visual components.

Can anyone suggest a way to create visual components or else suggest open source extensions? I heard that Microsoft blend can implement components, but I couldn't find a way to create visual components.

  • I thought that the free edition of MS VS didn’t allow adding 3rd party components? If you are not married to C++ and would be happy to code OO Pascal then lazarus-ide.org might be with you. You can add your own components or those of otters - and there are thousands, for free. With a little effort, you can convert Delphi components(blaisepascal.eu/lazarus/Chapter7.pdf) , of which there are tens of thousands. Btw, I personally think that this question is better suited to programmers.stackexchange.com than this site. – Mawg says reinstate Monica May 8 '15 at 8:42

Since you didn't specify the tag, DevExpress has Gauges and Charts.

It costs ~900 USD per developer and there is no redistribution fee. But that might be worth it, depending on how long you'd need to create such a thing yourself.

It also comes with Icons, Ribbon, Data Grid, Trees, Maps and various other things which are typically useful too.


Essential Studio has several data visualization components including charts and gauges. It is available for free under the community license - Davis (Syncfusion)

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