Is there a FLOSS XMPP client for GNU/Linux that supports XEP-0224: Attention?

It's an extension for getting the attention of another user. It is also known as "nudge" or "buzz".

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Pidgin is FOSS, uses the open-source Libpurple, and officially supports XEP-0224 through Libpurple.

You can use the /attention command. You can also check their Supported XEPs page for more information.


Xabber (free/libre except for the logo, according to a friend) can do it.

I'm also told mcabber can do it, although the references are sparse; it looks like there is/used to be a plugin needed, and in the current version, the UI marks contacts that want attention from you with an exclamation mark (as opposed to the regular hash sign).


Gajim seems to support it in its beta version (0.16). (That is why it’s not included in their list of supported XEPs yet.)

The feature was requested in 2007 and added in 2012.

You can use it via the /attention command.

Note there there is currently some kind of attack possible: /attention vulnerability with notification

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