I'm using Password Safe on my PCs, but recently I aquired some Apple devices including my work laptop. I looked at the related projects and tried one (Password Gorilla). It turns out to be a little unresponsive on my MacBook Pro. I also decided I would like to access my passwords from my iPod Touch. So I'm looking around for another option. The most likely choices seem to be pwSafe and pwSafeMac. I don't mind spending $12.98 for the pair, but that seems a lot to invest given that there seem to be free options floating around.

My must haves:

  • Support Password Safe V3 files stored on Dropbox.
  • Generate new passwords according to password policy stored in the file.
  • Passwords can be copied to the clipboard with minimal effort.
  • Notification of expiring passwords. (Password Safe falls short here.)
  • No subscription fees.

My nice to haves:

  • Unified interface on all platforms. (Including the PC if possible.)
  • Free or inexpensive.
  • Is easy enough to use and install that I can recommend it to my grandmother. (None of the options I've tried come close.)
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    I personally use KeePassX(Mac) and MiniKeePass(iOS). But it lacks in some of your needs. Well.. It is free and it is widely spread. If you don't mind trying it, I can recommend that.
    – rwenz3l
    May 14, 2014 at 21:44

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If you are willing to migrate your Windows machines, and spring for the Mac/Windows bundle ($70), I think you may like 1Password.

You can import your Password Safe v3 files, as detailed here.

You'll get an Android and/or iPhone management app, too.

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