I am looking for a digital asset management web application software. We are planning to host it on our own.

  • Must run on Windows (IIS or Apache)
  • Should be developed in ASP.NET or PHP
  • Must have a template system or workflow to completely adapt to a HTML5 responsive design
  • Must support these types of assets: Video files (preview and player), images (EPS including conversion to a pixel format, JPEG, PNG, GIF - thumbnails for all these formats), documents (PDF)
  • Can be open or closed source
  • Must have Batch upload capability (to upload mutliple files at once)
  • Was this question too difficult? – Matthias May 23 '14 at 9:04

It might be too late but I can give several suggestions here:

Open Source

  • Resourcespace is pretty easy to use and is written in PHP. It runs on any platform. Pretty easy to use and setup.


  • High-End
    ADAM Software might be a good .NET based solution that will do alot more than what you are looking for and it will cost you a ton.

  • Mid-level
    Elvis DAM is based on Java but has the best user interface and it is effordable based on number of users, assets, etc.

  • Low-level
    Asset Bank is almost like a photo gallery but pretty practical and provides the base DAM functions.


Have you looked at razuna?

It is written in JAVA, but comes in an easy-install all-in-one zip (including a fully configured tomcat servlet container) and according to documentation runs on windows (I only tried it on Linux).

  • Drag'n'drop uploads, multiple file uploads, import from URLs, import from Filesystem, ...
  • All mentioned asset types and then dozens of other types
  • File Conversion, including postscript files via ghostscript, video via ffmpeg
  • Video player

It should fulfill all your requirements, except maybe number three. I don't really understand what you mean by that - do you want to use it from a smartphone? That probably wont work (in a satisfactory way) unless you take to GUI modifications - it's an open source system, or you could ask the makers for a custom smartphone GUI.

  • Yes it should be usable on devices like smartphones. I think I am going to test it. Thank you. I would prefer a solution that is written in C#. – Matthias Aug 3 '14 at 12:41

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