I have a problem with found good FFT library, for simple use.

I have 2D array which need passed via FFT.

I'm looking for FFT library.

I have 2D array of ints (info about pixels in images) and I need pass FFT on this Array and save.

You have some library for advice?

Someone who take me some advice/tutorial how use this library?

Library FFT

.. or FT



The library of choice for any FFT task is


It has C and Fortran interfaces and is therefore be usable in C++ as well.


Octave (a free Matlab implementation) has a builtin function fft2() which calls FFTW 3.

: fft (x)
: fft (x, n)
: fft (x, n, dim)
Compute the discrete Fourier transform of x 
using a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm. 

So I think, if you can call fft2() in Octave you have FFTW Version 3 installed.

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