Unlike Resource scheduling, I have rooms/venues, to which I want to assign events, i.e.:

  • Room 2 has Activity C tomorrow at 8am
  • Room 5 has Activity X next week all day
  • etc.

I want to be able to have the agenda of a room, or all activities for X day. That I can add/view information in my mobile, it could be a self hosted web based solution or an application.

The deficiencies of calendar-like applications, is that I can't organize events by arbitrary variables, like coordinator or location of the event.

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(This is not the full answer, but at least gives you options for well suitable frontend components. You'd have to add the backend yourself.)

FullCalendar + Scheduler

You could use FullCalendar together with the Scheduler add-on.

FullCalendar is an open source, interactive JavaScript calendar component. It is used in quite a lot of calendaring / resource booking applications. A major rework "version 4" is just out (in an alpha release, as of 2018-12).

What's really great for the context here is the Scheduler add-on, which allows you to list bookings in a grid:

  • The grid columns are the time axis, and can be minutes, hours or also days (!, as demonstrated in the custom scale demo).

  • The grid rows are the axis for your arbitrary variable which you would let the user switch in the UI (event location, coordinator etc.).

DHTMLX Scheduler

The only alternative component I know for this is DHTMLX Scheduler. It comes with several "views", some of which are in the GPL version and some only in the commercial version.

Unfortunately for your case, the two views that would suit your needs (Timeline View and Units View) are both only available in the commercial version.

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