Auditing and versioning database transactions is an important thing to track What's the sequence of actions? Who made these actions? and How to rollback to the previous state?

A long time ago, we used ADO.NET to interact with our databases (Informix, Sql Server, Oracle) and we audit the transaction through the database itself.

Now we use Entity Framework 6 to interact with the databases, and we want to keep track of the transactions.

I googled about auditing and versioning through Entity Framework and have found many APIs and articles concerning how to implement them but I feel confused about stability and extensible.

My main requirements :

  • Auditing & Versioning the main operations (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE).
  • Works With Code First & DB First (EDMX) .
  • Can audit (Oracle, SQL Server) DBMS.
  • Can Include and Exclude entities.
  • Can audit a DB Graph.

Some search results I have found:


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