I am not certain that I will be able to describe this correctly, but I am in need of a gratis Audio Visualization software. Something that is able to display frequency strength in multiple display types (Bars, Waveform, Spectrum).


  • Windows 10 Compatible
  • Gratis (Open source would be a plus)
  • Customizable/Able to create skins for the output (As well as custom resolutions for the skins)
  • Variable accuracy/number of frequency bands that are analyzed
  • Multiple outputs for multiple audio tracks in a file
  • Support for multiple file types (Specifically MIDI and FLAC)

Nice to Have:

  • Able to pass a system audio device to be analyzed
  • EQ with a variable amount of frequency bands
  • API to analyze the audio
  • Debug/Analysis output and playback (Realtime scrubbing, logging frequency distribution for a specific portion of an audio clip)

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The sort of analysis & customisation that you are looking for are available with the combination of python, and PyAudioAnalysis which uses a combination of numpy/SciPy & matplotlib, you can also take a look at plot.ly, bokeh, etc. for the actual visualisation.

This paper gives some examples of it's use as does the wiki.

  • Windows 10, and earlier plus OS-X/Linux/
  • Free, Gratis & Open Source
  • Multiple file types: Already supports a few formats but PySoundFile is your friend. For MIDI, (which is not actually a sound file), you would need to use one of the many python packages that can convert midi to audio.
  • High level of customisation.

You should also take a look at the tools listed on PythonInMusic for Audion Analysis. One such option is Friture: enter image description here

For a less flexible, but ready rolled, solution you might like to take a look at Audacity. enter image description here


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