I read quite a few articles per month. I always have problems because I'm always walking with a bunch of printed papers and I have trouble looking for highlighted parts.

Until, last month. Last month, I figured out that EPUB files integrated awesomely with iBooks, allowing me to highlight stuff and easily retrieve/search later.

My problem now is to find articles in EPUB. They just don't exists. So I took a shot using some online tools. Although they work for regular textual books (such as regular full-page literature, e.g. normal books), they do not work as expected for PDF articles (usually with 2 columns of text).

Anyone know a good tool to do this?

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    Have you used calibre? The issue you will have is due to the lack of structure information in pdf's once they have been generated in the final format.
    – scrappedcola
    Mar 20, 2017 at 20:07

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I second Calibre, but results are mediocre. Nothing I have tried is good enough though.

An alternative is cropping the margins from pdf files, so that they become bearable on the e-reader's screen. However, I have been using a Kindle in the past, and a Kobo currently, and neither was adequate for reading journal articles.

Finally, I just got a cheap 9.7" tablet, which gets the job done. In this case, the Xodo app even crops margins automatically.

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