I am looking for a software that can monitor and inform me the Network bandwidth usage per process.

For example, I have my streaming server .exe running on a given port. I want to monitor that process and get a notification via email if the connection is dropped or is less than 256kbps for example.

Any software that does this?

Mainly the ones I found on the internet like SterJo NetStalker or Net Monitor provide real time monitoring and most of them do not show the current speed on a specific port.

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NetBalancer will be the suitable application for you. https://netbalancer.com/

I am using it for years. You can monitor the network bandwidth usage per process with this application.


The python library psutil provides the necessary information via psutil.net_connections so you should be able to knock up a background script to monitor such usage and log or send alerts, (keeping in mind that if the usage drops because the network is lost/disconnected the alerts aren't going anywhere so you might need to have such a process provide usage statistics to a monitor elsewhere that sends alerts if it doesn't receive them.

For a ready built program that makes use of this to do more or less what you are asking, and a lot more, see GRR Rapid Response.

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