Does anyone know a maven plugin that can works this way:

  1. You can set a phase of execution
  2. You can set a list of files by some pattern
  3. You can point to some arbitrary class from the dependency of that plugin (the dependency you have set in pom.xml) - and the class is in charge of processing all that matching files.

There exist maven-processor-plugin which is used for annotations and works exactly the way described, but I need something like it only for not processing annotations but rather arbitrary files.

I've seen some specialized plugins - like, say - antlr4 plugin, or, say, - but what about something general?

Also, it would be nice if someone will create a tag - maven or maven-plugin.

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OK, I've wrote it myself and published at github. Behold the Processit Maven Plugin.

Basically you add it as a plugin, add a dependency to this plugin declaration and then just list specific processors that need to be implemented somewhere else.

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