I am looking for a new extension for Chrome/Chromium similar to Self-destructing cookies in Firefox.

In this Super User question, an answer was validated suggesting Tab Cookies. This extension seemed to fit the bill at the time (delete both cookies and local storage data whenever all tabs from one domain were closed). Unfortunately it seems to have stopped working. More precisely, I have checked the cookies with CCleaner after closing the browser, and they were still there, along with local storage.

As a temporary solution I have set up the browser to delete all cookies when closed, but it is not completely satisfactory.


beforehand: no, there is not!
there can't and won't be any real equivalent for chrome(ium) until this 7 years old bug is solved... maybe google calls it internally a feature. :-(

--> so if there is any extension for chromium based browsers which claims to be a replacement for Firefox+Self-Destructing Cookies and - to be more precise - therefore clears also LocalStorage, i would get skeptical.

nonetheless, since Self-Destructing Cookies got discontinued due to the API-changes there are replacements at least for Firefox:

  1. the easiest replacement seems to be Cookie AutoDelete: it cleans cookies and LocalStorage after closing tabs and (optional) domain change within the tab. it also supports gray- & white-listing with ex- & import.
    beside its extension for firefox it also provides a extension for chrome, but not with exactly the same features because of the mentioned restrictions.
  2. and also Forget Me Not seems really good and interesting, but i would recommend it for more advanced users since it has a bunch of more detailed options.
    it is only available for firefox since it is questionable how useful such extensions are for chrome(ium)...

the best alternative for me is "Vanilla Cookie Manager". Does everything I need and works just fine.

Link: Vanilla Cookie Manager - chrome web store

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    You need to say why this is a solution to the problem - Don't juist dump a link with an opinion. Too put it bluntly: it's fine that it Does everything I need, but does it do what the OP needs? – user416 Apr 21 '17 at 6:13

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