The functionality I'm looking for is like this:

  • I start it running in the background at the beginning of the day
  • by the end of the day i have a summary of how many bytes were transferred to which destination

iftop is close to what I'm looking for

enter image description here

however, the totals there are per connection. Meaning, the totals per destination are zeroed once the connection is restarted. E.g. if I had been receiving a stream for 30 minutes, it would show me say 500mb transferred, but once I restart the stream, it's back to 0mb, even though the destination is still the same.

OS is Mac but if there is something I can install on a router (or if there are routers with similar built-in features) I'd like to know this too.


Ntop can be a little overkill but can be compiled on Mac osx

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