Do you know a tool to create video collages? I made the one below with After Effects, but I'm looking for something lightweight.



You can do lots of effects like that with MoviePy which has the following prerequisites:

  • Python Obviously
  • Numpy, imageio, Decorator, tqdm and FFMPEG (All automatically installed)
  • Imagemagick Optional
  • PyGame - For previews
  • PIL or Pillow Advanced Use
  • Scipy Advanced Use
  • Scikit Image Advanced Use
  • OpenCV >= 2.4.6 Advanced Use

You can inset one or more videos on top of another as shown here. You can join movies together on the screen in an uneven manner using masks. Even place different movies in various shapes

Complex Composting

You can even use it, with video grep, to select clips based on the subtitles and paste them together.

All of the software mentioned above is:

  • Free, Gratis & Open Source
  • Cross Platform Win/OS-X/Linux
  • Small and compact, (by modern standards).
    • Download of the Python installer is ~30 MB,
    • FFMPEG < 50 MB,
    • OpenCV (if required) is quite large at 120 MB,
    • SciPy+Numpy is about 62 MB,
    • imagemagick about 20 MB and those are the biggest downloads.

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