I need to process a bunch of rows from a MySQL database table. I will be using Python as the programming language.


  • Python module
    • reading the rows of an existing database/table
    • data is numeric, datetime, str, etc
    • reading the data returns Python objects/datatypes (i.e. int,float,str,etc,etc. not just a string or multiple strings.)
  • supports MySQL
  • RPM and/or DEB package available
  • open-source
  • the Python module must be actively developed[1]
  • public code repo[2]

Given these requirements, what is a good Python module to access data in MySQL/MariaDB database?

Extra value go towards the following:

  • a project that has positive growth[3]
  • good example code, documentation, tutorials
  • large user base
  • supports MariaDB also (future work may transition from MySQL to MariaDB)

[1] frequent commits (at least one commit per month, preferably one or more commits per week), at least 3 active developers

[2] to allow me to pull down the code via some version control

[3] users/developers/unittests/features/etc of the Python module are growing

  • I found two decent Python modules MySQLdb (sourceforge) and sqlalchemy. However I am not knowledgable about databases. Commented Mar 8, 2017 at 13:41
  • While I am with you that I prefer code that is still being maintained and aupported is better, but isn't that pretty fast? Or are commits different than conpile and publishing? Commented Mar 9, 2017 at 10:53
  • FYI from my brief google research looking into MySQLdb --> MySQLdb appears to be abandoned as of 2014-01-02 Commented Mar 9, 2017 at 16:09

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Pandas provides a database abstraction layer over SQLAlchemy with a fallback to sqlite.

  • Read the rows of an existing DB - Definitely but conceptually when using pandas dataframes you tend to think in columns data can be read from tables or queries.
  • Data is not text only - Yes: Pandas dataframes contain real, typed, data objects.
  • Support MySQL - Yes via SQLAlchemy
  • Actively Developed - Yes for both Pandas and SQLAlchemy
  • Public code repository: Pandas is on GitHub while SQLAchemy is on BitBucket

Activity as at 27 May 2017:

Pandas: From the GitHub Pulse: In the last month 169 pull requests by 54 Authors impacting 417 files. SQLAchemy: BitBucket doesn't seem to have a pulse tool that I can see but looking at the logs suggests that it is less active but by no means dead with significant activity in the last few hours by multiple authors.

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