for a current project I am searching for a broadcasting or VJ Software. We have multiple remote desktop inputs from virtual machines and need to place this remote desktop inputs onto 4 beamers. The problem is, we need to be able to switch between multiple layouts by an external trigger, for example a DMX input or API call or something like this, because we want to be able to switch the content on the screen via web interface. Also, the beamers need to be mapped over 2 walls, and depending on the template one beamer is showing a video, the other a desktop feed from VM-1 and the second and third together a desktop feed from VM-2.

So I looked at vMix Pro, which is capable of displaying multiple desktop feed and layout them in position and scale etc. but I am not sure if its capable of displaying and mapping content onto multiple beamers as descriped above. Then I thought about mapping software like Watchout but it might be overkill, since we just need to layout some video feeds onto beamers and dont need any effects or transitions.

Is there a software that is capable of displaying muliple video feeds onto multiple beamers/screens and is able to switch layouts/templates via API, DMX or remote control or something like that and is able to run autonomous? Since there wont be an operator to switch feeds, all this need to be controllable via API or DMX or similar.

  • ok, I made some more research and found out it might be better to use a video processor or hdmi mixer? Is any of them capable of splitting one huge video signal over multiple outputs? – F. K. Mar 8 '17 at 10:58
  • You may not need mixer, but at least a video scaler with multiple inputs/outputs and several presets, e.g. like that tvone.com/video-scalers. – Dmitry Mar 8 '17 at 14:53

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