Several IDEs provide an Object Inspector for the developer to allow them to examine and set properties of an object (e.g height, width, text of a button).

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I would like to incorporate an Object Inspector into a design program which I am developing. Does anyone know of one?

Preferably gratis, preferably AngularJs, but I will pay for a good solution & can live with plain old JS if I have to.

[Update] My apologies - I did not make my needs clear.

I want to offer such an inspector only for some parts of data which my program decides to make public. So, I could maybe take an existing one and edit it. I guess what I want is an "object inspector builder" - which starts off empty, until I programmatically add data to it.

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Have you tried ng-inspector? It is a free browser extension that will allow you to inspect the bindings and objects you have in AngularJS right in your browser as your application executes.

  • Good siuggestion (+1). BUT, plase see updated question; I did not ask very well
    – Mawg
    Mar 8, 2017 at 14:18

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