I'm looking for software that would:

  1. Run on Windows command line

  2. As input, accepts a video file name, start time and end time and a new file name.

  3. Produces a new file which is a chunk of video between start and end time

Required features:

  • Supports Windows 10+ (However, if an ideal product exists that only supports XP or Windows 8, I would accept the answer. But no Linux-only stuff please)
  • Has command line interface (don't care if it has GUI or not)
  • Gratis, or very cheap (under $5-$10 USD)
  • As input, at the very least, supports .m4a and ideally .webm video files as produced by youtube-dl

Desired optional features

  • Accept a set of start/end time pairs; and stitch together several chunks of the file specified by those pairs.

Things I don't care about

  • Fancy video editing other than "cut from here to there" aren't required. No need for transitions etc...
  • Format of the output video, as long as it's something VLC can play. Does NOT have to be same format as input video file.
  • Whether it's the same product or a set of utilities. E.g. if it is something that requires ffmpeg, it's fine.
  • Any reasonable dependencies are OK. E.g. "need to have powershell" or "need to have Perl 6 installed" or "Need to have Windows Python installed" etc... are fine.
  • Speed. Doesn't have to be super speedy
  • Open source and other code licensing issues
  • Precise way of specifying inputs is irrelevant as long as it can be done from command line and has enough flexibility to support required/optional features.

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ffmpeg does all that

ffmpeg -i source.m4a -ss 00:00:30.0 -c copy -to 00:00:40.0 output.m4a

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