I need a virtual printer capable of doing this at the same time:

  1. Print to PDF (automatically placing PDFs in some user accessible folder, without asking the user).
  2. Forward the print job to another -configurable, could be remote or local - printer.

I.E., some virtual printer that routes print jobs to another printer and keeps PDF copies of said jobs.

I don't care if there are more than one software involved. For instance, a virtual printer that send each job to multiple printers at once could do the job too. (I could then install 2 printers, the "routing" one and a PDF printer, and configure the routing one to send the job to the real printer and the PDF printer at the same time)

any ideas? (Free software is a bonus)

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i haven't used it for a long time but as far as i know PDFCreator is capable of this and some more:

  • automatic saving
  • opening, mailing or printing PDF after creation
  • script-execution before and after creating the PDF
  • create (and also im- & export) profiles for different settings
  • translated into 25+ languages
  • it is at least partly FOSS
  • and many other features...

but take care during the installation, because reportedly the installer tries to install some adware!


You can do stuff like this really easily on Linux.

Set up a Linux box, install and configure Samba, use a PDF creation script to generate a PDF file and put it in their home directory (and/or anywhere else you want, perhaps a permament-ish archive?) and then in the same script pass it off to some other physical network printer via the local printing system (cups, lpd, etc).

  • I know ;-) I use linux too, but the PC is a Hotel Font Desk's and it uses windows, and it must use the local printer, a remote printer is not an option. :-( Sep 1, 2017 at 20:00

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