I would like to find good tool for Pomodoro technique for Windows.

Requested features:

  • supports short and long breaks
    • good if NOT forcing user into single fixed scheme of breaks (3 short, 1 long)
  • supports task list
    • export of data would be welcome
  • history of pomodoro acitivities
  • can be switched to smaller form to save screen estate, still remaining always-on-top
  • hotkeys support
    • start, stop, make note etc.

Currently I'm using Pomodairo, but I'm not happy I can't specify whether short or long break will follow. I'm seeking for something else.

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free tool written in Adobe Air

standard view: enter image description here

compact view: enter image description here

few mins later: enter image description here


  • elegant
  • shrinkable
  • with task list
  • free


  • needs Adobe Air runtime
  • supports only fixed scheme of breaks – you can't have long break when you want to. If something happens, you cannot manually adjust which break follows.

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