It seems like everybody wants to become/beat Slack : Amazon Chime, Cisco Spark, Microsoft Team, etc.

I'm in a situation where my needs are pretty straightforward, but where the solution is not that obvious.

Ours needs (very simple) :

  • Be able to chat (one on one and in groups)
  • Be able to make video call (actually using Skype -not for business- and video calls with more than 2 participants are painful)
  • Be able to share screens during a meeting (with or without videos)

We are using JIRA and Confluence also.

What would you recommand?

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    Self-hosted or hosted? Is installation of clients okay (if yes, which operating systems need to be supported?), or does it have to be a web app? – unor Feb 20 '17 at 21:06
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    I would prefer hosted, but self-hosted could be an option too. It must support Windows, MAC, Androis and iOS. A web app is optional. – user1978 Feb 21 '17 at 12:39

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