We're looking to set up a site to take donations for a charity. I've been looking at payment gateway and eCommerce services such as Shopify, Authorize.Net, Highwire, and others. I came across a few comparison sites like this and I have some questions, and would also like recommendations on which platform to use.

My main confusion seems to be that some sites claim to have a 0% transaction fee - but when investigating further, it's because they don't actually collect the payments, but instead allow for integration with another payment gateway who will then take a percentage of the funds. Are there services that offer a flat rate (subscription or per transaction or both) for collecting funds through credit card payments? Is it possible to use Authorize.Net or similar gateway without going through a reseller who will collect a percentage?

Basic requirements:

  • Compatible with Windows OR OS independent / browser based
  • Doesn't require domain to be bought through them (we already have the .org site)
  • Low transaction fee percentage as possible (flat rate is fine - donations will be in the hundreds of dollars or more range)
  • Processes credit card transactions


  • Site and store management accessible through a WYSIWYG editor
  • Accepts credit cards of as many varieties as possible (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, etc)
  • Reports (sales #'s, statistics)
  • Processes e-checks or debit card transactions