Can you recommend a simple Linux application that shows the color given a hex code and returns the hex given a color?

gpick comes close by showing the hex code of a picked color, but it does not seem to go the other way.

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Free/libre. Gratis. Available in many distribution package archives (e.g., as gcolor2 in Debian).

For each color it displays its hex code, its hue/saturation/value values, and its red/green/blue values.

You can

  • enter a hex code,

  • enter hue/saturation/value and red/green/blue values,

  • enter a color name,

  • pick a color (from anywhere on the screen),

  • choose a color (from the color wheel).

I picked a color from your avatar, the tool tells me that it’s #FAD7B3:

Screenshot of gcolor2

It also allows you to save a color. The list shows the color, its hex code, and a name you can choose.

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