I am looking for an Android browser that is not from Google, but which allows me to store the credentials for a website by host+path, not just host.

Effectively this ticket on Bugzilla@Mozilla tells the story of Firefox not offering the feature. I checked it for the Android version of Firefox and indeed it doesn't offer it.

Dolphin also does not offer it. When I save one set of credentials it behaves even so stupid that it inserts the password from one path as the username (so no obfuscation by showing only *******) on another form for another path.

So what I need is a browser that will happily store two separate sets of credentials for

  • https://example.net/someapp/ (https://example.net/someapp/** if we used shell globs)
  • https://example.net/anotherapp/ (https://example.net/anotherapp/** if we used shell globs)

Both, Dolphin and Firefox will allow only a single set of credentials here, as they are storing the passwords per host.

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