I am trying to find a good way to share or move files and folders between two Windows 10 Pro devices. My setup looks like this: Setup

My Laptop is connected through WiFi to the company network. My Desktop PC is standing right next to it, has 5 ethernet ports (one of them is connected to the companys private network).

I would like to connect them using a ethernet cable and find a good way to use a shared folder or a good way to move files between them, because i am tired of using USB-sticks.

Any cloud solution is not permitted by company standards.

I am administrator on both devices.

Thank you in advance for helping me with this issue.

  • Are you asking for a software recommendation, or, a way to solve your problem? They may not be the same. – rrirower Feb 8 '17 at 14:27
  • I am asking for a software, that can solve my problem. ideally with a short description how. – Daan van Hoek Feb 10 '17 at 6:42

Ok, from my understanding you want to share easily transfer files between your 2 machines, from a same network which is ( indirectly connected), but have you checked if the networks use the same gateway or is there a network bridge of some sort?

In you have same gateway and you are able to ping either machine then simply create a mapped folder where you dedicate to folder transfers. Otherwise if it's different networks my suggestion would be an open source file sharing software like DC++. Then simply configure the network settings in order to share the files.

You will have to install the software on both machines though.


If you haven't found a solution you could try TeamViewer

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