Just as the title states, I am looking for a web-based tool that would allow users to submit an idea to be voted upon. Additionally, all other users should be able to see all current ideas and I should be able to vote on certain ones. It would also be nice if I could see once a particular idea had a certain number of votes.

  • This got me wondering - has IdeaTorrent disappeared? It's what was provided by SourceForge some years ago, when they were still offering hosted apps. It allowed users to add questions/issues (the problems that needed to be solved), and for every such issue, any number of solutions could be posted, which could then be voted on. May 8, 2017 at 10:42

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UserVoice is the popular one for this, but it is expensive.

There are not a lot free options, one that seems to be very good is www.idea.informer.com


I am one of the developers of PollUnit. With https://pollunit.com you can create votings where users can add ideas.

You can choose between various voting types like boolean votes, star rating, dot voting and you can also find consensus based decisions. We have also gratis accounts for small teams.

Here is an example how a dot voting could look like:

enter image description here


We released a idea collection/feedback/brainstorming feature. I think this is exactly what you are looking for. See screenshot:

enter image description here


Along with UserVoice which is very well known, here are 3 alternatives:

  • canny - A hosted tool with a few integrations with slack, Jira etc.. and starts at $40 a month
  • fider - Offers both hosted and self hosted options
  • receptive - More expensive, but more features and various integrations.

You could use FosWiki, a simple Wiki System and employ the one of the Vote Plugins to capture and display votes.

We use this at my company to share and vote on new ideas.

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